Halloween Attractions

Ashley Jennings, Staff

Nightmare New England, Haunted Hill and Witches Woods are just a few of the Haunted attractions around Franklin. Many people enjoy going to such things or like to visit Salem at some point in October.  Halloween attractions while generally expensive can be considered really fun when they get an reaction out of you.

Nightmare New England also known as Spooky world has six different terror inspired attractions. Not only are there the six attractions but there are concession stands around the park with food and games. On the highway it takes about an hour and a half to get to.

General admission is $34 on a Friday or Saturday and $29 on every other day aside from Tuesdays which they are not open. Parking is another five dollars ,that is donated to Lichfield Lions Club charity, with ample space. The ticket booths open at six while the attractions aren’t open until seven. While somewhat expensive it has a lot to other.

Six flags New England of course is still having their annual Thrill fest. Thrill fest will be runnining until October 28th. There will are six Halloween attractions including two that have additional fees attached. The price for fright fest is $36.99. Fright fest is about an hour and 35 minutes via the highway.

“It’s not really scary but it’s cool because it’s at six flags” adds Franklin High School senior Shawna Kuczmiec “When you have a season pass it’s really cheap.”

Haunted Hill is close to home in Cumberland Rhode Island. Haunted Hill is a horror trail located on Diamond Hill. The price is only $15 with the option of spending $20 for a speed pass. Through back roads it only takes 25 minutes to get there from Franklin. due to the price and how close it is Haunted hill is popular for Franklin students.

“Some parts are scary but it’s really fun” comments Franklin High school Senior Amanda Hutcheson “I’m going this Friday.”

Witch’s Woods is yet another haunted attraction on Nashoba Valley grounds. Witch’s woods features a 20 minute hayride and three haunted houses. There is also a restaurant located on grounds. The admission ticket is $30 with the occasional reduced price nights. On the highway it takes about 45 minutes to get there.

Do you plan on going to any Halloween attractions?


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