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The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


School Halls Turned Fashion Catwalk

Trends in and out of school vary among students of all ages at Franklin High School, students notice the styles of celebrities and bam, the latest trends are spotlighted throughout the halls of this widely stylized school.

If an average person walks down the hallways of Franklin High School  they will surely notice the wide range of fashion styles among students.

Fashion has always been an influential part of our critiqued world. Even today Fashion Week and television shows such as Project Runway or Americas’ Next Top Model drills the image of perfection and style into the world’s head. Fashion is not just a fragment of America, fashion is the image of the world.

With Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Alexander Mcqueen and Prada household names in the fashion industry, the younger generation yearns for fresher new looks and designers in the fashion world.

“I would definitely like to see less matronly clothes on the runway and see new, younger designers come out with flowy, colorful patterns” says Rachel O’Donnell, Junior at Franklin High School.

Franklin students agree. The time has come for the fresher faces of fashion to make their debut. Judges and fashion icons, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia, of Project Runway, help to choose the freshest faces in the fashion industry.

Jay McCarroll, Anya Ayoung-Chee, and Mondo Guerra are a few of the winners of Project Runway and bring a new oomph to the cut throat world of fashion with their fierce and innovative designs.

Most teenagers might say that the runway is just “too much” for them with the crazy lines, fabrics and sheerness of garmets, but magazines give helpful tips to make the crazy runway looks suitable for the average teen.

Don’t like matronly lace and flower shirts? Then just throw a structured blazer over the shirt, instantly making the shirt age appropriate. Flapper or sequenced inspired shirts just a little too over the top for your taste? Pair the two looks with some skinny jeans and cute ballet flats!

“Celebrities from Lindsay Lohan to Victoria Beckham are responsible for some of the biggest trends in the fashion world today: ranging the over sized handbag, the Jackie O style sunglasses, the head band, platform shoes, leopard print, black nail polish, metallic clothing, doggy apparel, chunky jewelry, bright red lips.”  writes Ian Christopher Olympio of the fashion blog Helium.

With many trends described by blogging and fashion experts such as Olympio available on the web and in printed magazines, teenagers are able to go out and purchase clothes to match the wardrobe of their favorite celebrities!

Today in Hollywood an average person will see celebrities like Miley Cyrus and the Kardashians sporting designer handbags, combat boots, and even maxi dresses. Looking perfectly put together these starlets affect the student wardrobe and fashion choices in Franklin High School.

Agreeing with the fact that Franklin High is becoming more like a fashion show, many students believe that girls are becoming more stylized. Many teenage girls sport heels instead of boring sneakers and designer bags in exchange for lumpy backpacks. Even guys are beginning to strut their more fashionable clothes down the school halls.

” Fashion plates like Brad Pitt and Jude Law can be found behind the creation of the modern metro-sexual, white jeans, man jewelry, aviator sunglasses, the fitted one button suit” writes  Olympio about the  always changing male fashion.

From preppy to punk students love to express themselves anyway they can.

“I feel like fashion is extremely widespread through Franklin, and I feel like people see things on T.V. and copy girls at school, they have it all I guess, you see anything from ripped jeans to stockings” says Hannah Daly, a Junior here at Franklin High School.

While some students choose to dress more preppy during school others prefer to stay more conservative and follow the “in” crowd until they can express themselves outside of the school.

“Fashion is expressed in some people but not all [people], my style is def a little different outside of school, like heels or more dressed up”, says Kendall Trenchard, Junior at Franklin.

Some students do not recognize school as a place they need to look their best, while others do. Even with the new seemingly need to dress up everyday for school some students prefer sweatshirts and a pair of sweats, leaving the fancy clothes for other occasions.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”, famously quoted by  French fashion icon Coco Chanel.

Top fashion designers and consultants represent fashion as a passage of life and form of self expression. Teenagers express themselves in various forms and fashion is a main way of expression in life and in the halls of Franklin High.

Although many students have a personal right to express themselves through their clothing choices, dress code is still enforced to make sure students are following the rules of our daubed workplace.

“Bare midriffs are not acceptable, and tops and bottoms should not expose the belly or back. No undergarments should be visible. Halter-tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps and/or plunging necklines are not acceptable.  Jeans, pants, skirts and shorts should not inappropriately expose the body.  Any manner of dress that the administration deems inappropriate will not be tolerated.”, clearly stated by the Student Handbook.

Franklin High School is an educational workplace and understandably, must be respected. Even with the limitations of the wardrobe selection for students at Franklin High School, an acceptable and still fashionable outfit is possible.

Many students are seen wearing skinny jeans and heals with a classy shirt to tie the outfit together. This is the perfect solution to the restricting dress code.

With Franklin High becoming a catwalk for students to express themselves, the notebooks are being passed in for designer shoes, bags and bracelets, all to match the image of the outside world; bringing up the question how long until the whole school goes into fashion overload?

Who is the biggest fashion icon of this decade to you?


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