Eminem: A Rap Legend

Mike Schratz, Writer

Marshall Mathers, or better know by his rap name Eminem, recently turned 40 on October 17th.

One of the world’s greatest selling artists started out with his group D12 as they worked their way to mainstream. Throughout his career, Eminem has reeled in 10 number one selling albums.

As his father abandoned him when he was just 18 months old, Mathers had a tough childhood to say the least. He and his mom moved locations several times before settling in Detroit, Mighigan, where he spent the majority of his teenage life.

Eminem’s lyrics cover anything from childhood struggles, to his daughters, and even his issues regarding drugs.

“He went through many hardships as a child,” said FHS junior and Eminem listener Mike Young, “leaving him with nothing but himself and his own thoughts to deal with.”

Although his career began in 1992, Eminem has been releasing albums for 20 years as 2010 brought one of his most famous albums, “Recovery“.

When asked about his impact on the rap industry, Young responded, “all of [his] songs have their own diversity…they are still the top rap material nowadays.”

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