The Walking Dead: Intriguing As Ever

Mike Schratz, Writer

A recent show on AMC has been grabbing viewers attention as The Walking Dead has been reeling in unprecedented ratings.

The premiere of the third season on October 14th had more viewers than other popular shows such as Jersey Shore, The Big Bang Theory, and even The Voice. An astonishing 10.9 million adults tuned in to this addicting series Sunday night.

The show features a state trooper who exits his hospital bed only to find a world filled with “walkers” or zombies.

He quickly finds a camp of two dozen survivors, which includes his wife and son, as they struggle to stay alive in hell on earth.

“[The director]  portrays life as how it would be in an actual zombie apocalypse,” stated FHS junior and avid Walking Dead viewer Ryan Phillips. The show also has depth to it as Phillips explains; “zombies become a manageable threat in their world and it becomes humans they have to worry more about.”

“I heard people were dying to see it,” said Sydney Zuckerman, an FHS sophmore who is clueless of the show.

Phillips would tell Zuckerman and others that do not watch that “they should watch the show that is the most watched and anticipated drama series on television since season one.”

If you could only watch one, which show would you tune into?


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