Red: On Track to One Million

Mike Schratz, Writer

Taylor Swift fans can’t stop listening to her latest material as her new album Red was released October 22nd.

In its first day on the market, nearly 300,000 copies were sold. For most of that day, over half of iTunes top 20 songs had T-Swift’s name on them.

Many say that shes on her way to selling one million copies, which would be her second album in a row breaking seven figures joining 2010’s Speak Now.

I knew You Were Trouble” and “All Too Well” are among some of the best hits. Listeners have realized that something is different about this certain album.

“Her music is different compared to her past albums,” claims Kendall Trenchard, an FHS junior and Swift fan for multiple years, “it conveys a new and different side to her.”

Often times, teenagers wonder why her music gets so much attention and how it is so popular.

“People can relate to her and she’s down to earth unlike other artists,” explains Trenchard.

It has been said over and over again, numbers don’t lie. Millions of Taylor Swift fans are urging to get their hands on Red; joining the crowd would not be a bad idea.

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