Sean Donovan, Writer

With its amazing special effects, and its state of the art sound, LucasArts was a high price to pay for, but it will greatly help its buyer Disney in the long run with a new Star Wars in the making.

Officially purchased on October 26, 2012 with $4.8 million being the final price, Disney paid half in cash and the rest was paid for using the money of shareholders.

Started Back in 1975 when the creator George Lucas could not find a special effects house special enough for his extravagant ideas, Industrial Lights and Magic, or ILM is the name of the special effects portion of LucasArts, which has created eye popping films such as Avatar, all the Star Wars and Harry Potter films, Jurrasic Park, and Mission Impossible.

By purchasing ILM Disney could save up to $20 million  a year on their special effects budget.

With this purchase, Disney now holds all rights to the Star Wars franchise, but the new movies creative consultant will be George Lucas so he still will be involved in the new installment of his epic story.

The real question is, will Disney be able to match the glued to your seat feeling that the other 6 star wars has created, or will the new management destroy the saga?

The main part of the deal was that everyone who currently works for LucasArts, will continue to work for them and keep their job, including Kathleen Kennedy the former co-chairman, who is now under the not-so-shabby job title of President.

“I grew up loving star wars, but I wasn’t so sure I’d love Disney’s version until I discovered that the creators would stay the same” Says Ryan Lessard, senior.

With the combination of two high quality companies, both with innovative technology, Disney is more than likely to make “Star Wars 7” into an amazing feature.

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