The Saga Will Soon End

Brittany, Writer

Bella and Edward are back as Twilight fans everywhere anticipate the release of the final chapter of the saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2, which releases November 16, 2012.

With the beginning of the Twilight Saga books written by Stephenie Meyers, the modernized vampire and werewolf love story has become a hit with our teenage generation, along with some adults. Midnight movie premieres, fan clubs, and stores dedicated to Twilight show the craze which has begun throughout the years.

“I am so excited for Breaking Dawn to premiere, I’ve read all the books and seen all the movies” says Autumn Hanson, Freshman at Franklin High School.

Franklin Students are excited over the release of the final chapter of the series. With the birth of Edward and Bella’s new born baby, or should I say vampire, and Bella’s new life , there is a reason for excitement.

“This story line is going to be so much different than the others, and it’s the end of an era”, says  Sarah Brodsky, Junior at Franklin High.

So many people are pumped but sad to see the end of an era which has brought the modern day vampire and wear wolf love triangle to life. The Saga has exploded over the last 5 years and is sure to be a hit with the fans this year.

The Twilight Saga has  gone through so many changes with the switching of directors and cast members, along with the rapidly changing setting throughout the years. The release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 may leave some viewers shocked or happy with the ending of the series.

Whether you are a new fan to the Twilight Series, a die hard viewer, or hate the saga, the final chapter of the movie is sure to bring buzz.

Are you excited for the final Twilight Movie?


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