It’s Viral: Youtube’s newest hit “It’s Thanksgiving”

Maggie McDonald

The brilliant minds that brought us Rebecca Black’s “Friday” are at it again with “It’s Thanksgiving” by Nicole Westbrook.

In short, “It’s Thanksgiving”, like “Friday”, is an internet hit about a day celebrated by a group of teenagers, with the exception of one rapper. Both videos feature poor lyrics and overly auto tuned singers.

The music video is produced by Pato Music World, owned by the rapper Patrice Wilson. Wilson, a Nigerian native, was featured in and wrote both “It’s Thanksgiving” and “Friday”.

As of now, the video has over 8 million views and over 138,900 dislikes.

“That is the worst video I have ever seen” said junior Rachel O’Donell. And many people seem to agree.

“It sucks” junior Maddison Newton said about the video.

Even Good Morning America branded it a “The New Worst Video Ever”. Why does everyone hate “It’s Thanksgiving”?

By watching the video above, you might understand why. Weston, 12, makes thanksgiving dinner, with only children in her house. The concept alone sounds bazaar.

But when Wilson shows up  in a chicken suit and Weston sings into a turkey leg, the song get down right strange.

““This is my first time singing into a turkey leg,” admits Westbrook to The Daily Beast. “I’d never seen anyone do it, but I guess it’s just like singing into your hairbrush … but with a turkey leg.”

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