American Horror Story: Asylum

Samantha Stratton

American Horror Story has come back with a second season starting back in October. The question being is the show worth watching for a second season?

The series now takes place in an asylum and features many of the same cast from last season such as Jessica LangeEvan Peters and more! The new series started back in October showing the eerie asylum and all of the new characters.

The show takes place at an Asylum set back in 1964 in Massachusetts. The Asylum is a church-run institution for the criminally insane. The Asylum is run by Sister Jude who has a troubled past and shows her struggles while dealing with everyone inside the walls of the Asylum.

Season two does not resemble season one in any way, it is much different and has a completely different plot. The show is of course still very scary and has many different creatures and ghosts but portrays them in a very different way.

Leading to many viewers of Season ones main question: is season two worth the watch? If you are in for a good scare the answer would have to be yes! Although the plot is very different this season has its own twists and turns that you would never see coming! It still keeps you at the edge of your seat through every episode.

American Horror Story: Asylum airs on Wednesday nights at 10pm on FX. Tune in to watch the new series unfold and the chaos that erupts!