FHS theater trying to put an end to bullying.

FHS theater trying to put an end to bullying.


So most of you are probably aware of the assemblies held every year by the FHS theater department which are usually on bullying.

When everyone would read their monologs on something bad that happened in their lives. This year’s assembly is approaching!

This year, the assembly is scheduled to be held on Friday, December 7th throughout the day. Now this year, there will be the usual monologs being read, but there will also be a few more surprises.

“I wanted this year’s assembly to be different. We do pretty much the same thing every year, and I want this one to be very meaningful and I want it to make a difference.” said FHS theater teacher Ms. Waters.

All of the theater classes will be participating in this assembly. And there will be 4 shows, one for each grade.

“I made it for each grade this year, because last year when we had everyone together as a school, I felt like there was too much chaos in the audience.” Waters said.

This year, the assembly will be on a combination of bullying and also cyber bullying. All the theater classes have been working very hard on this assembly for a while now.

“I’m really excited for the show and to see how this turns out. I hope it makes an impact on people. Said FHS junior Margaret Streeter. “I know it’s impacted me so much already just hearing everyone’s stories.”

This year there will also be a song that will be sang during this assembly. There will be a lot of different things going on during this show, and a lot of it is very emotional and personal stuff.

The point of this assembly is to show people that everyone has a story, and you don’t know what someone could be going through at home.

“You don’t know how much even one word could impact someone.” said FHS junior Kelsey Porter “and you don’t know how much a smile or a compliment could make their day”

We’re trying to get the message out that you need to stop bullying. You don’t know what people go through on a daily basis, and you don’t know what could push someone past their limits and do something crazy.

“Why should you go out of your way to ruin someone’s day, when you can say something nice and possibly even be saving their lives.” FHS senior Marissa Harrington said.

The assembly has a lot more surprises that will be happening, it’s completely different from the years in the past.

“I really do think people will be impacted by this show. It’s very emotional for everyone. These are their classmates.” Waters said.

This year they have even invited all of the middle school principals to come and watch the show, so that they’ll either have a show of their own or the theater kids will be going over to the middle schools. Most bullying happens or starts in middle school.

How do you think the bullying assembly will impact FHS?


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