The Countdown Has Begun!


Its that time of year again! And ABC family’s 25 days of Christmas has returned!

ABC family’s 25 days of Christmas began on Saturday and it will go until Tuesday, December 25th.

Every night there are multiple Christmas specials on ABC family leading up until Christmas day. The first movies shown this year were Elf and How the Grinch stole Christmas.

Some of the other great shows are the classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, The Year Without a Santa Claus, A Charlie Brown Christmas, etc.

The 25 days of christmas began in 1996. It airs every year from december 1st to december 25th. The annual event shows classic Christmas specials for 25 days, and occasionally there are even new shows/movies.

There is a lot of discussion going on about what the best holiday special is. You may not always like the same show as your friend, and your friend doesn’t like the show you do like.

Some people like the newer movies, and other people like to stick with the classics.

“I like that new one they had last year that was called Holiday in Handcuffs, and I do love the Year Without a Santa Clause with the miser brothers and their songs, those two are great!” said FHS senior Michaela Shimkus.

People have very different opinions on all of the shows. But a lot of people can agree that it is sometimes difficult to pick your favorite.

“I love Elf, it’s definitely my favorite, or the Grinch! I just love them all actually, I’ve watched them since I was little” said FHS senior Marissa Harrington.

Twitter and Facebook were blowing up with posts about how the 25 days of Christmas was finally here again.

“I couldn’t even go on Twitter on Saturday, it was filled with people tweeting about how excited they were that the 25 days of Christmas was starting.” Harrington said.

A lot of people enjoy watching these shows after a long day of school/work or being out shopping, it’s nice to just relax and watch some christmas shows. Most people have even been tuning in to watch it since they were little kids.

“I like the Polar Express, I watch that every year. But I hate Elf, I think it’s annoying.” said FHS senior Tyler Staves.

Even if you don’t like much about Christmas, or you arent in the Christmas spirit, you might still enjoy watching some of these classics.

“I’m not really a fan of Christmas, but I absolutely love Elf, I’ve watched it the past 4 days it’s been on. I love Charlie Brown too!” said FHS junior Kelsey Porter.

Tonight the specials are the following;

  • Rudolph & Frosty’s Christmas in July at 4/3c
  • The Polar Express at 6/5c
  • Disney’s A Christmas Carol at 8/7c
  • Elf at 10/9c & 12a/11c

There are still 19 days left in the countdown, so be sure to tune in to ABC family every night to watch!

What is your favorite Christmas special?


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