Lock Your Doors- Apparently There’s an Amish Mafia!

Marina Smoske, Senior Creative Associate

On Wednesday night, the Discovery channel will air the pilot of their latest reality series,  “Amish Mafia,” which follows four Lancaster men dead set on upholding the strict rules of the Amish community, even if it means doing dirty work.

While the show’s premiere is expected to draw a good amount of attention in the wake of the first season of TLC’s “Breaking Amish,” controversy has already emerged regarding the warning that the show contains “select reenactments.”

Even without knowing the extent to which the show’s accuracy is in question, FHS students are already skeptical:

“I don’t know much about it, but I don’t really believe in them… I  guess.” Said Joe Bremner, a junior.  “It seems to me like a lot of that was like fabricated for reality TV.  But it could be alright.”

Joe went on to say that he definitely won’t be watching the debut episode. Gabby Belisle, a senior, was also irked by the concept of the show.

“How is that going to work? I’m guessing this is TLC or something, isn’t it? Reality shows are getting weirder and weirder,” said Belisle.

Amish Mafia will be aired Wednesday on the Discovery Channel at 9pm.  Will you be tuning in?