5 Beauty Tips to Get More Out of Your Morning!

Hannah Daly, Official Make Up Artist of Mr. Leighton

Keeping your eyes looking open and bright will make you look alert and awake. Black eyeliner is not the way to go!

If you want to rock black eyeliner, only bring it in one third of your water line. Lining your entire eye will make your eyes look very small!

If you are a black liner lover, try only lining your upper lash line. This will make your lashes look fuller without making you look tired.

If you still can’t go without the full liner, try popping a little gold, white, or silver shimmer on the tear duct (inner corner of your eye) or anything light and shimmery to add a highlight.

Waking up with terrible bags and adding more liner is a definite no. Unless, you use concealer. Shopping for concealer is much easier than shopping for foundation!

This is the beauty secret that nobody wants you to know: buy a concealer that is very yellow, and a shade lighter than you!

If you are familiar with the color wheel, than you know that yellow and purple are opposites. If you aren’t, yellow and purple are in  opposites.

The yellow in your concealer will be able to cover the deep purple under your eyes much better than a concealer that matches you.

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