Gangnam Hold-up

Jonathan Geromini, Writer

We know him as Psy and we know him as the man who owns the most watched YouTube video all-time but there is one thing that the public does not know about the musical musician that created the world sensation “Gangnam Style.”

In the last week Psy has come under fire for a song that he wrote back in 2004 that attacked American soldiers that fought in the Iraqi War.

In the Song “Dear Americans” Psy with his former South Korean band repeatedly attacked soldiers using lyrics such as “Kill f–ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captive “Kill their daughters, kill mothers, daughters in-law and fathers” and “kill them all slowly and painfully.”

Psy has apologized for the lyrics that he sung eight years ago but even with that apology Psy is now being labeled as a terrorist, an evil human being and someone who should not even be near America.

In a statement Psy said  “I will forever be sorry for any pain I have caused by singing those words.”

This story has questioned the true identity of the star who has transcended into god-like status with Gangnam Style.

It has also brought up the question of is this the lovable, cheesy wizard that transformed the music video world with one song or is he just like every other  rapper that will attack and rip anything when he gets the chance.

Psy will find out the reality of what people think off him with an upcoming performance on Conan and just performing on the biggest stage in the concert Christmas in Washington an event in which President Obama attended.

Only time will tell how big of a hit Psy’s image will take but this story shows to the public that no celebirty’s record or history is completely clean.

How do you feel about Psy now after learning about what he wrote in the past?


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