The Fall of Two and a Half Men?

Jonathan Geromini, Writer

Two and a Half Men has been the best comedy on television since it came on the air back in 2003 and has been one of the better comedies that CBS has produced in the history  of their station. But in the last year the show that once was in a class of its own has come back down to earth and has taken a hit in both public relations and in popularity.

In that last year the show fired lead actor Charlie Sheen after contract disputes and strained relationships between Sheen and the producers, the show went from being the most watched comedy on television to falling outside the top five and has been ridiculed and criticized by fans and actors.

The breaking point of this fall from supremacy came two weeks ago when Angus T. Jones (the actor who plays Jake Harper on the show)  in a weekly christian podcast said for people to stop watching the show and that it is “filth” and there is no point to watching it.

“If your watching Two and a Half Men please stop watching it.” Jones said in the taped podcast “I’m on Two and a Half Men and I don’t even want to be on it, its not entertainment, its just filth.”

Jones who has been limited with his role this season on the show is rumored to be quiting when the season ends which would leave Jon Cryer as the only original member left on the show that looked like a surefire Emmy winner when it first came on CBS’s airwaves nine years ago and looked like a dynasty through the first nine seasons.

Two and Half Men has always been a subject to controversy, criticism and radicalism but at the end of the day it always delivered the popularity and ratings that had them at the top of the television world. Now that the popularity is down, their main star gone and one of the others almost out the door where will Two and a Half Men go from here to maintain their credibility on TV? Something that has been lacking for almost a year now.

Two and a Half Men is now on the edge of collapse and has to dig deep to try and gain back some of its supporters and followers. Two and Half Men shows that almost any show or entertainment for that matter can not survive with large amounts of controversy surrounding it.

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