Golden Globe Nominations Kick Off Hollywood Award Season

Jonathan Geromini, Writer

This past week the nominations for the 70th Golden Globe Awards were announced and there were plenty of headliners who heard their names called. From Ewan Mcgregor to Steven Spielberg,  From Leonardo DiCaprio to Ben Affleck there are no shortages of big time stars in the nomination field.

The Golden Globes, which will be held on Sunday January 13th is the kick off to the Hollywood award season. A season that includes the Emmy’s, The Grammy’s, the Screen Actors Guild Awards and of course the biggest one of them all in many people’s mind the Oscars.

The nominations were wide spread among actors and films but there were few that separated themselves from the other nominees and candidates.

In the movie department the new and highly touted movie Lincoln led the way with Seven different nominations, films Argo and Django Unchained finished runner up with five nominations each and Zero Dark Thirty and Les Miserables took home four nominations.

In the TV world, HBO reigned supreme once again receiving seventeen nominations from three different shows and Showtime finished a distant second with seven different nominations  from four different shows.

The actors and actresses had a mix of new arrivals and old powerhouses. Ben Affleck(for the film Argo) lead the list of powerhouses that included Leonardo DiCaprio(Django Unchained), Denzal Washington(Flight) and Hugh Jackman(Les Miserables). While Daniel Day-Lewis leads the newcomers with his performance in Lincoln a list that has Rachel Weisz(The Deep Blue Sea), and Helen Mirran(Hitchcock).

The directors and producers category was dominated by Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino for leading the productions of their latest films Lincoln and Django Unchained.

“This is the part I have no control over” Spielberg said when talking about the award selections “Its like you are on a ride and the safety bar comes down and you cant get off untill it stops.”

The Golden Globe nomination is a time too rejoice for Hollywood because it stamps the beggining of award season the time that all actors, producers and directors get regonized for all the hard work they put into the film or show that they are on or assiociated with. It is the time to start thinking of red carpets, fancy dresses and suits and great performences to the audience on awards night.

With all the great nominations the Golden Globes will be great and exciting to watch as it kicks off the most important time in all of Hollywood.

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