Dat Kid From Cleveland

Andrew Sergi, Writing

Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi or better known for his stage name Kid Cudi, is an American alternative rap artist. He was born in Cleveland Ohio and grew up in Shaker Heights and Solon. He was the youngest of 4 children, and his Father was a World War II veteran, substitute teacher, and house painter. His Mother was a choir teacher at Roxboro Middle School in Cleavland Heights in Ohio.

When he was eleven years old, Mescudi’s father died of cancer; his passing would have a significant effect on Cudi’s personality and music. Mescudi attended Shaker Heights High School for two years, then transfered to Solon High School where he earned his GED. He then went on to study film at the University of Toledo, but dropped out after a year.

Many of Kid Cudi’s songs are about his life and family in Cleavland. Like in his song Soundtrack to My Life, Cudi describes how life was tough when his dad died and how it affected him. Events such as these lead him to heavy drinking and drug use.

“I love Kid Cudi, but WZRD wasn’t that good, hopefully his new albums will be better” Said Melissa Karner.

“His songs are different than other rap songs, but in a good way” Said Elizabeth Alie

“In my opinion, when he was a lot better when he was on drugs, it gave him more creativity” Said Breanna Spolidoro.

The beginning of Kid Cudi started in Brooklyn New York where he first began rapping and was inspired by The Pharcyde and A Tribe Called Quest. His major music career in Brooklyn where in 2008 released his first mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi. The mixtape quickly caught the attention of Kanye West, and led him to sign with GOOD Music later that year.

Cudi’s debut album Man On the Moon: The End of Day, was released in 2009 and sold 104,419 in the first week. The album’s lead single Day “n” Night was his greatest commercial success so far, and was popular in both the U.S and Europe. Following his first album came Man On the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager which was released in 2010 and sold 169,000 in it’s first week.

His latest album, WZRD, was released in early 2012 where Cudi decided to “do something original, something different”. This new album was not rap , but similar to a psychedelic alternative rock genre.  Although his past albums have been fairly popular, the WZRD album fell short with only selling about 84,000 copies in it’s first week. There is some speculation that the reason why WRZD never took off was because Kid Cudi had announced that he would stop  smoking marijuana, and that because he stopped his music was negatively affected. Critics had said that “his guitar playing was sloppy and amateurish…his vocals were the most unlistenable thing…” Said BG News.

Kid Cudi is currently working on another album taking him back to his roots in rapping named Indicud, which is expected to be released to the public later on in 2013.Currently, according to datnewcudi.com,” Complex names Indicud #9 on the most anticipated albums of 2013″. The album should be available to the public sometime around March of 2013.

There has also been talk of another album that follows Man On the Moon II, Man On the Moon III, but it has not been officially announced yet. If Man On the Moon III is officially announced, if it’s anything like the other installments of Man On the Moon, should be a widely anticipated album.

Whether or not your a Kid Cudi fan or not, his success and fame have been discovered through his talents as a prominent rap artist and will continue throughout years to come.