Kaitlin Copponi, Boss

Directed by Lasse Hallström, SAFE HAVEN looks to be a romantic yet suspenseful flick, to be one of those hits, which will get all the boys out with their girlfriends, sitting there wiping their tears for them. This movie is based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks, the best-selling author who inspired the hit films The Notebook and Dear John. Hopefully this movie lives up to the great films he has been behind in the past.

The Screenplay was written Leslie Bohem and stars the stunning Julianne Hough, as the main female role and the handsome Josh Duhamel, as the main male role. Cobie Smulders, an up and coming actress, plays one of the first friends Katie (Hough) meets when she makes the major move in the film.

A young woman runs away from her abusive husband to a tiny and tight knit town. She keeps herself from starting new relationships at first but later makes a few close friends. She falls in love with a man and his two kids but still fears getting hurt again. Times are hard as she tries to stay hidden from her ex but she comes to realize things she never thought she would see in life.

“I read the book and I loved it, I even cried a little. Safe Haven is about a woman who escapes her abusive marriage and goes to a quiet little town where she learns to appreciate the small things in her life. I think Safe Haven will be a great movie and I plan on seeing it right when it comes to theaters on Valentine’s Day,” FHS senior and bookworm, Steph Pisani.

Do not miss this film, it comes to theaters on Valentine’s Day, how romantic!

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