How to: Flawless Foundation!

Hannah Daly

Foundation, a big yes in the world of makeup, is a color base that should be as close to your natural skin color as possible, this is meant to make your skin tone appear as even as possible and even (if done right) flawless.

Makeup should always be fun, and it is only meant to enhance your beauty, not hide it! So choosing a foundation that will let your skin shine through is a step in the right direction.

“I don’t wear makeup, and I only know how to use mascara… [I don’t like what makeup implies] having to buy all these products to cover their [own] skin” says Katie Goodfellow, junior at FHS.

But there are ways to wear products like foundation that enhance your beauty and continue to let your own skin shine through.

A sponge will give you your most natural looking finish, using a wet sponge applies foundation like a dream and leaves you with a natural airbrushed look and even lets your skin breathe. This work wonderfully for someone comfortable with their skin, and only wants a healthy wash of color as opposed to a person who wants full coverage.

For a more full coverage look your best bet is to use a foundation brush or your fingers. A foundation brush applies your foundation wasting the least amount foundation as possible, and gives you the most color pay off because not as much is absorbed into the bristles.

The warmth from your fingers helps apply foundation in a way that looks natural, but be careful not to leave your face streaky, and to blend down your neck so your face and body match.

“I would be more likely to use foundation if I knew more about how to use it.” says sophomore Abigail Weinberg, which is very true. Most makeup products are geared toward people who know about makeup. But achieving a flawless face isn’t as hard as you might think.

With a sponge, we the sponge and apply one to two pumps of your foundation to the back of your hand. Squeeze excess water out of the sponge and dab it into the foundation, start pressing the foundation into your skin with small dabbing motions and continue to add more in areas you feel like you need it. You do not need to cover your entire face!

With a brush you start the same way, it will make the process go smoother if you have moisturized your face already. You can use any kind of fully bristled brush in order to stipple the foundation onto your skin. You can touch it up with your fingers afterward to give it a more natural finish, or get rid of streaking.

Follow up with a powder to set your foundation and keep it lasting all day.

How do you do your foundation?


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