How to: makeup for your eyecolor


Every eye color will look beautiful with the all time favorite: neutral eyes. This features any kind of brown, from a warm burnt brown, to a soft yellow tan, even to some deep purple browns and burgundys. Brown eyes work just as well with a neutral colors as blues eyes do. This is great to fall back on for an everyday makeup look, especially because mistakes made with browns can easily be hidden, or blended out.

“People wear makeup to make there eyes standout, I think black looks great on everyone” says junior Megan Schilowski. She is correct, black does look great on everyone, but if black isn’t your color here are some other options.

Blue: The most popular colors for blue eyes include peach, lavender, browns, charcoals, silver, gray and gold. The best way to work a color like peach or lavender into your makeups is to accent an already neutral eye with a bright pop of color such as lavender or peach on your lid, with a soft contour of brown or tan in your crease.

Brown: If you have very dark brown eyes your best bet is to use plum, forest greens, or charcoal grays. Another option if you are not as daring, are dark browns and mauves.  If your into shimmer, a metallic gold or bronze will work beautifully as well.

Green: Green eyes work really well with any colors that fall on the warm side of the spectrum of colors. This includes warms browns, deep greens, lilacs, gold, medium pinks, peaches, apricots or even deep purples.

Hazel: Hazel eyes work best with soft champagne colors such as a light golden shimmer, or a soft violet, but also work very well with soft browns and warm tans.

Make sure you always blend, and wear makeup you are comfortable in! Best of luck!

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