Godspell Behind the Scenes

The cast of the FHS production, (coming in March 15th and 16th so save the date) has been formed, and rehearsals has finally begun.  Although we work hard to actually put on and perform the show for our audience, the fun doesn’t just begin there. It begins on the first day of rehearsals.

Yeeup! Preparing for the Godspell production isn’t just practice practice practice. It’s made up of theatre kids (that mind you, aren’t just actual chorus and band kids,  but with some diversity like sports kids too), and we all know it’s a party.

“It’s so much fun, and it’s definitely a bright side to look at whenever I’m having a crappy day”, says one of Godspell’s cast members. As an actual member of Godspell, I can definitely relate.

This show is definitely coming a long way, and is looking fantastic. With it’s humorous cast, and scripts changed to relate to our audience, its a 100% a show to be seen.