Something to Expect: Arcade Fire

Jay Tiernan

Let me start off by saying, if you don’t know who Arcade Fire or have listened to any of their material then feel free to visit the links provided below to get a taste. If you had enjoy’d that taste then I strongly recommend listening to any of their albums or any of video of their live performances.¬†If you don’t flip for the album you listened to, then switch try a song from another album, because this band is diverse. Their sound has evolved over time, Funeral (2004) is just about a polar opposite compared to The Suburbs (2010), in production, atmosphere, and context.

On October 28, Canadian rock band, Arcade Fire releases their fourth album, Reflektor. Listeners were skeptical on whether or not the Grammy Award winning underdogs could top their 2011 ¬†masterpiece, The Suburbs. After releasing the first single from the upcoming LP, many anxious fans, like myself, were relieved to find that the super group did not go in a backwards direction. The new single had an enjoyable groove and also had colorful features that songs from The Suburbs did not high light as much, like synth work and sampling. I’m not saying that I expect Reflektor to be ‘better’ than The Suburbs, but I do expect a major change of pace from the band. I believe their next album will be an enjoyable one.

Arcade Fire is a band I have hope in, unlike most musical artists today, Arcade Fire does not force themselves to release content every year or so. They take their time like Artist use to back in the day. Bands took about a year to focus on a concept for an album and recorded, then would tour for another year, after that would take about 6 months for time off. Today, the process is more condense, an artist would write an amazing album, go on tour, and then record either immediately after the tour or even during. Arcade Fire, like few other new-millennium groups, take the old school of process of managing their music, because they focus on quality not quantity. The old school process of creating has worked wonders for them too. In 2011, they won a Grammy for best album against powerhouse nominees including Eminem, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry. Honestly, when they won, I was just as shocked as everyone else, but I was at least happy about it. I put my faith into this group because with a group consisting of 7+ members, I doubt the common strangle of fortune that most successful groups face has no effect on them or their material, mainly because they split their money among all 7+ members of the group. They won’t become corrupt like most solo artists who receive so much fortune for his/her work. And another great reason to have faith in them is because other legendary artist have faith in them too. Peter Gabriel has covered ‘My Body is a Cage’ off their sophomore album Neon Bible (2007). And even David Bowie does back up vocals off the new single. Young bands don’t brush elbows with legends all the time, it isn’t coincidence, they’re just a great band. When you’re a fan of Arcade Fire, you’re in good hands.

A little something:

Five Years – David Bowie ft. Arcade Fire

Live at Reading 2010

Live from an elevator (A Take Away Show)

Live at Madison Square Garden (2010)