Aerosmith to FHS?

Jonathan Geromini, Writer

The year was 1972. Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal was about to take stage, the Bruins, under the direction of Bobby Orr won their second Stanley Cup in three years and the first video game “pong” was introduced. Also In 1972 the current Franklin High School was in its first year of existence. The third installment of the town’s high school designed by school committee wizard Woodrow L Abbott was a huge hit around the town(a bigger deal then the school being built right now).

So to bring this school into the town with a bang the school committee hired a young up and coming band to play at the school. That band was  the rock and roll hall of fame band Aerosmith. At the time Aerosmith was not well known by people in the public. The young rock stars played concerts at Boston University, Medfield high school and Nipmuc Regional high school which was their first time together as a band for minimal pay. In February of 1972 the future rock icons stopped at Franklin High School on their tour around the Boston area. Franklin High school charged only five dollars for people around the town to see the band.

The concert was a hit as almost all of the students at FHS came to watch. Five months later Aerosmith was signed by Colombia records and heavyweight talent manager Clive Davis. The band took off and became probably the greatest rock and roll band in American history.

Fast forward 40 years later. The school that was a hit among the public will be torn down in seven months to make way for a new school. So wouldn’t it be great for Aerosmith to come back to one of the places where their historic run began. Well their is a chance of that happening believe it or not.

Student government is reportedly trying to book the iconic band to play at the end of the school year to send out Franklin high with a bang.

“We’re going to try our best to get them.” Student Government Corresponding Secretary Zak Borrelli said “We are going to send them an email and see if they want to do it but it will be a tough task.”

The Aerosmith gig will be tough task to book but if enough students get behind it and support the idea, it just might happen

“They are a very popular band as everyone knows.” Borrelli said “But if we have enough students behind us then we can do it.”

Aerosmith is a big time band, but stranger things have happened in the world. So if everyone gets behind this idea the school may just pull it off. And if it happens then it will be the greatest moment in FHS history.

What do you think about the idea of Aeros mith coming to FHS?


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