“Frozen” Takes Theaters By Storm

Becca Vickery, Incredible

Diseny’s new movie, Frozen, has warmed viewers with it’s wintery tale of the importance of family. Frozen has yet to leave the top five new movies since it’s premiere Thanksgiving week. The movie won the Golden Globe for best animated feature and is predicted to be the winner of the Oscar for the same category in March. The movie has also received five Annie awards, which were presented by the International Animated Film Society. The Frozen soundtrack is the fourth animated film to ever fill the top Billboard spot. It is also up for the Oscar award for best song-Let it Go. The movie strays from the traditional Disney Princess story, and crushes the typical man saving a princess stereotype within these fairytales. Students also share their love for the movie. FHS Senior, Lindsey Morrissey says “I loved it! I thought it was a good movie for all ages… I would definitely see it again.” Another senior, Erin Ohnemus, says “I think the music was great and it was funny for all ages. I also liked how the two princesses were heroes instead of a man!” People of all ages have been raving about the movie. Definitely a must see for anyone of all ages.