Music Rewind

Eric Cohen, Poor Musician, Great Listener

Kids have stopped listening to the music of today and moved back in time. There is one genre of music that seems to have never gone out of style. Classic Rock somehow seems prominent in life no matter what generation you are growing up in.

Why is it though? Why does it seem that now more then ever kids have stopped listening to the music of today and started to listen to the music of the past? Bands such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, or the Grateful Dead have the popularity of a band still making music, if not even more popular. But how come?

One local student Devon Maloof seemed to have a take.

“Kids are listening to more classic rock because it plays a big role in society…In 2014 it stays relevant”

Another student Abhiram Rao had a different outlook.

“It’s just because its a trend in the media… it is a trend in society right now”

Two very different outlooks with two very valid opinions on why there is such a big comeback. After hearing what these students had to say Mr. Wall the Sound Recording at Franklin High had his own opinion.

“Classic Rock has more organic growth” He put it simply classic rock is real while the music of today is to technology driven.

Classic rock had a more authentic sound, everything was recorded with real instruments. All the sounds were created by the artist and not a computer and thats what the kids like still.

It seems to be that kids still know the difference between real and fake. Classic Rock is real in the eyes of teens. Kids now even in this world full of technology they like their music genuine.