This Years Valentines Day Movie To See

Katy Smith getting excited for the upcoming movie.

Katy Smith getting excited for the upcoming movie.

Credit to ParamountNZ

Kylee Hurley, Writer

This Valentines Day the movie “Endless Love” is hitting theaters across the nation. “Endless Love” was originally a book written by Scott Spencer in 1979, and is on its second adaptation as a movie. For people looking to see a romance on Valentines Day, this would most definitely be the movie to see.

It tells the tale of a young man named David Elliot who falls madly in love with a young girl named Jade Butterfield. It is the typical story of forbidden love when Jades father will no longer let them be together. David fights to be with Jade because he loves her so much, although crimes haunt his past.

Although the book was published nearly 35 years ago, the movie is somehow still relatable to viewers today. With Alex Pettyfer playing David and Gabriella Wilde  playing Jade, it is one movie students at Franklin High are anxious to see.

“I want to see endless love because I think that everyone needs an hour to watch someone else’s story and since this is a love story I know it is going to pull at my heart strings. Its always so special to watch,” said Katy Smith who is a student at Franklin High School.

Weather you are single or are going with a date, “Endless Love” is one movie to see this Valentines Day.