Funny or Die behind HUVr Board hoax

Funny or Die behind HUVr Board hoax

Tony Hawk ‘rides’ the HUVr Board with help from wires and cranes

HUVr Tech

Maggie McDonald

On tuesday, a video of celebrities like Tony Hawk, Terrell Owens and Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd,  riding a ‘HUVr Board’, an invention first dreamed of in Back to the Future Part II, got many people believing that the future was here. Turns out, the video was a hoax by, which is known for it’s celebrity pranks.

From the video sparked a hot debate on wether or not it was real. Of course the signs were there that it was a fake. The HUVr Tech website may have looked nice, but didn’t list any price or members of the HUVr Tech team. Also on the website was a ‘legal terms’ page which stated ” The inclusion of any products or services on this website at a particular time does not imply or warrant that these products or services will be available at any time.”

One of the members of the hover tech team was actor who claimed to graduate from MIT and explained how the anti-gravity board worked using magnetic fields.

Even still, people wanted to beleive. How cool would that be! You could fly to school or any where. The reason why the hoax went along for such a long time was because people wanted the future to be here.

One of the reasons for the hoax was the launch date posted on the website, December 2014. In Back to the Future Part II, Marty discovers the hover board in the year 2015, which is now around the corner.

By wednesday night, Funny or Die posted a video with Christopher Lloyd who apologized for lying. If you go to the funny or die face book page and comment on the HUVr Board picture, you have the chance to win the signed HUVr Board.