This Spring’s Must Have Fashion Trends

Kylee Hurley, Writer

As the Paris Fashion Week comes to a close many people are looking forward to this year’s spring trends.

A big comeback to fashion this spring is a white on white ensemble. This was shown very widely in shows such as Calvin Klein  during the Mercedes Benz fashion week in February.

When asked about the Mercedes Benz fashion week Parker Halliday of Franklin High School shared her take.

“I doubt I will ever be courageous to pull some of those outfits off. I think it puts across a good message to wear whatever you want, and don’t be afraid to be bold,” said Halliday.

Along with the white on white attire, crochet and lace shorts are set to be a big hit for retailers this spring and summer. Stores such as Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters carry lots of different versions of crochet shorts and tank tops as well.

Students like Parker Halliday are already on the look out for lace and crochet clothing.

“This spring I am looking shorts that flow, and lace tops because I think they are so cute in an effortless way.”

When it comes to accessories floppy sun hats are a must have this season. They have been seen on the runway, and worn in TV shows such as American Horror Story: Coven

One big comeback to fashion that are being sold again in many retail stores are overalls. Both overalls that go down to the ankle, and overall shorts are making its way back into our society.

Floral prints and pastels have always been associated to spring. Printed shorts are more popular now than ever before; along with paisley and geometric designs.

Crop tops are this summers necessity. They can be dressed up or dressed down; with shorts or skirts.

Many students in Franklin High School like Parker Halliday are anxious for winter to end, so they can step into spring with style.