Reality Televisions Most Shocking Seperation

Kylee Hurley, Writer

“Little People Big World” stars Matt and Amy Roloff announced that they are separating after 26 years of marriage.

It was a shock to most fans of the TV series that originally aired in March of 2006. The show focuses on the Roloff family and the struggles of their daily lives on their farm.

Matt and Amy Roloff are both dwarves, and are parents of four children. They have twin sons who are the oldest of their four children. Zach  is one of the twins and is the only other dwarf in the family.

Students at Franklin High School like Riley Halliday are in disbelief over the split of this unique couple.

“I used to watch the show all of the time, and always enjoyed watching Amy and Matt bicker. It just never seemed like they would split after spending most of their lives together,” she announced regarding the split.

Both Matt and Amy have said they want to work on their marriage one last time before taking the plunge and filing for divorce. Matt is currently staying in a bridal house that lays on there farm. Not only do the Roloffs grow vegetables, but they host weddings on there farm.

In a video clip for a TV special TLC is airing on March 25th at 9, Matt Roloff admits that him and Amy have been separated since last Thanksgiving. Although there has been tension between them on the show before, Matt and Amy’s children did not see this coming.

Not everyone at Franklin High believes Matt and Amy are truly separated. Could they be doing this just for publicity? Grace Griffin, who is a freshmen seems to think so.

“It’s all a set up,” she stated in an interview.

It makes sense to people, because although they are separated Matt is currently still on the farm.

Whether Matt and Amy are really separated is one question remaining to the fans of the show. Will Matt and Amy’s separation be the end of “Little People Big World”?