Sounds of the School

Eric Cohen, Music Enthusiast

Artists at Franklin High strive for recognition for their music.

At Franklin High, as one would imagine there are so many groups of people. Like every high school their are the jocks, the skaters, the artists, and much more. Within these groups there are more musicians than you could even imagine. Sometimes the school hears about or from them, and other times they go unrecognized.

Doug Buckley a musician at our school had some things to say about the music exposure in our school. Doug Buckley is a senior in the Franklin Arts Academy who plays guitar, bass, and produces his own electronic music.

When asked if since being in Franklin High he has been able to express himself through his  music more, his response was.

“No, Franklin High doesn’t offer a whole lot of music proformances.” Says Doug.

He then goes on to talk about the Franklin Arts Academy capstone night, or Art Attack. This is where artist in the Arts Academy have one night to showcase some of their artwork and a major project called a capstone project. This is a project that takes months of preparation and work to complete.

“FAA capstone night is a good thing, but thats only once a year, theres not a whole lot of music opportunities.” Doug elaborated.

Doug however does believe that he can get support for his music even without the exposure from performing. When asked if he thinks there is some one in the school who could help support or promote him, his answer was simple.

“Yeah” said Buckley. 

Even though there might not be a lot of performances that happen throughout the year at Franklin High, students such as Doug believe that there are ways to get recognition if they choose to do so.

Some artist had a different opinion though. Abhiram Rao is a senior at Franklin this year who believes the school is a perfect place for musicians to express themselves.

When asked what it was like to be a musician at Franklin High his answer was immediate.

“It’s great! Franklin offers a lot of opportunities for musicians to do things like take classes, and perform” Rao stated.

Later we then spoke about the opportunities artist had to perform.

“Yes, the music production club is really good at giving opportunities for musicians like myself to perform. Not only Franklin High but the whole town is great.” said Rao.

It is a different situation with everyone. Although, it seemed to be that if you wanted to be noticed at Franklin, you can do it. You just have to be willing and determined.

Another student, Haven Butler, weighed in as well. When asked if he believes he gets fair recognition for his music he responded.

” Yes, it’s on sound cloud, people listen to it, I hope.” joked Butler.

Just like being a musician in the real world, it is just as tough in high school. There are hundreds of musicians in Franklin High School. There is most certainly not enough performance time to give everyone a shot. Musicians have to be hopeful. They have to never give up and hope to one day receive recognition for their work.

Until then then musicians need to master their craft and never stop doing what makes them happy.

Do you believe musicians have opportunities to showcase their talent at FHS?


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