Fans Finally Meet the Mother

Becca Vickery



On Monday night, fans everywhere were experiencing conflicting emotions surrounding the How I Met Your Mother finale. The episodes previous to this introduced the mother, played by Cristin Milioti, and many viewers fell in love with not only her, but her and Ted’s relationship. The final episode finally revealed everything about the mother.

Throughout the entirety of the shows, fans have witnessed many different relationships form and fall apart, and when the mother was introduced, they thought they had someone the could be sure of.

“I was so excited for Ted when the introduced the mother. It seemed like he finally found the right person,” said Mikey Swift, a senior at Franklin High.

But many viewers were shocked when Ted’s wife, Tracy McConnell, dies. People felt exactly the way his children did on the show, saying that the story was barely about their mother at all.

Instead, Ted told about his friendships and, ultimately, Robin. He and Robin had shared a relationship before, but it did not last and they broke up at the end of season two. After finishing his story, his kids tell him that it had been long enough and he should ask “Aunt Robin” on a date.

While all of this is going on, the other characters lives were in turmoil as well. Barney has a baby, Lily and Marshall move and have three kids, Robin and Barney divorce, etc.

In an interview, Josh Radnor who plays Ted, said that the show’s title “was more of a hook to hang things on… Really it was more about these crazy adventures and these lessons that I had to learn before I met  your mother.”

Still, viewers are conflicted about it.

“I didn’t know whether to be happy for Ted and Robin or sad because of Ted and Tracy… I loved Ted and Tracy’s relationship so losing her complicated my feelings,” said Swift.