Books FHS Students Are Recommending

Kylee Hurley, Writer

With April vacation approaching, some students at Franklin High are looking for new books to read. A few students have shown their input on books that they feel are a good read for teens at Franklin High.

Grace Griffin is a freshman at Franklin High who loves Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. It is a heart felt story about a new college student who is trying to cope with being away from her twin sister for the first time, while getting lover her childhood fandom of her favorite writer, Simon Snow.

“I would recommend Fangirl because it is one relatable and unique story,” says Griffin in an interview of her favorite book.

With the upcoming movie premiere of The Fault in our Stars lots of teens want to read the book before it hits the big screen. It was originally a book written by John Green, and tells a touching story of two cancer patients who fall in love while coping with the struggles of having cancer.

Lila Kaplin is one student at Franklin High who has already read the novel and absolutely adored it. “It was a truly touching story,” she said while discussing the upcoming movie in comparison to the book.

The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks is a romance novel about two High School sweethearts who were torn apart years ago, but years later have finally crossed paths again. It is supposed to hit theaters this summer, and is sure to bring tears like most of Spark’s novels tend to do.

Some students have been raving about it, including Nadia Havens. “This book truly messed with my emotions, but it was a good one I won’t forget,” she said.

Overall, it sounds like these three novels are all a great read, so if you are looking for a book this may be the right one for you!