Best Shows On Netflix

Best Shows On Netflix

A view of the Netflix website

Credit to Kylee Hurley

Kylee Hurley, Writer

Over the past few years binge watching TV shows on Netflix has become the norm for most students at Franklin High, and there are a few shows and movies that are a must see.

Among my personal favorite shows, “Breaking Bad” is definitely in the top three. The show revolves around a middle aged chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer. In a last ditch effort to leave behind money for his money, he teams up with an old student to open up a meth lab.

All six seasons of “Breaking Bad” are on Netflix, and I can assure you the ending is one you do not want to miss out on.

Millions of viewers tune in every week to watch Rick Grimes, and his group of friends in “The Walking Dead“. If you have not seen this fast paced show, the first three seasons are on Netflix with the most recent one on its way.

The “Walking Dead” is about the struggles and hardships of a post apocalyptic world where zombies roam the Earth. This fast paced show includes action, romance, comedy, and tragedy. All in all “The Walking Dead” has a little bit for every viewer.

The Sons Of Anarchy” is a show that is airing its seventh and final season in September. This show takes you in the life of Jax Teller who is a newly young father, and the Vice President of a motorcycle club.

The first five seasons are on Netflix, and the sixth season is set to be put on when it comes out on DVD.

Other than my top three picks, there are over hundreds of other shows to choose from on Netflix, both new and old. In addition to watching your favorite shows on Netflix, there are movies to watch as well.

Overall Netflix can be a highly addictive, time consuming, yet very convenient place to watch TV.