Selena Gomez- Leaving Swift and Parents for Bieber

Jessica Simms, Writer

After seven years, Selena Gomez decided to fire her parents from being her managers.

Both her mother, Mandy Teefey, and her step-father, Brian Teefey, have been managing Gomez since she first started on the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place. Gomez states that she is famous enough to start working a more experienced manager than her own parents. Sources say that her manager is Justin Bieber.

Carolyn Fenerty (sophomore) says, “She’s an adult now so it makes sense for her to want to hire someone who is not her parents, but getting back with Justin Bieber is stupid because of all of the negative social media and his recent arrest over drunk driving.”

Ever since Gomez has been spending time with Bieber again, fans have noticed that she has not been spending time with her “BFF”, Taylor Swift. Because of this, rumors have been spreading that are saying that Swift is upset that she is going back to Bieber only to get hurt and that it’s gross. 

Freshman Abby Leazott says (in video above) “I don’t think that its  right for Selena Gomez to fire her parents and leave Taylor Swift to go to Justin Bieber. And I think that because of their past relationships that they are going to break up anyways.”

Although Gomez’s parents and Swift can see how much of a bad influence Bieber can be on anyone, she is still in denial about Bieber’s history. Gomez has even been in rehab to treat her obsession with Bieber. However, now with her running back to him, it seems as if she doesn’t want to fight her obsession and just wants to be with him.