“Wicked” Movie Controversy

Jessica Simms and

The beloved book and play, Wicked, has been thought about turning to go on screen as a movie, but there is some controversy. The star as the original ElphabaIdina Menzelis being told she is too old to play the role of Elphaba in the movie. Not only Menzel cannot play Elphaba, her co-actress, Kristin Chenoweth is being told she can’t playGlinda for the same reason.

After hearing this news, many people and myself have been shocked that the iconic duo is unable to play their original roles in the movie, even though their roles are the age of college and the two are in their early 40s.

Morgan Soderlund, freshman, shares her feelings

“I am upset about it [the movie] because they are the original cast of Wicked.”

During an interview, Menzel said,

“I would die to be in [the film], except I’m afraid Kristin [Chenoweth] and I… they told us we’re a little over the age for that.”

Chenoweth then joked that she would probably end up playing Madame Morrible in the movie.

“Its so ridiculous that Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth cannot be in the movie because they are perfect!” said Jess Gullak, freshman.

Both of them have impacted the shows growth a lot and it’s very sad that both of these great actresses cannot keep going on with their iconic roles because of their age.