It’s Back- ‘The Giver’

Jessica Simms, Writer

Remember reading The Giver when you were younger? Well, it is coming back in theaters during this summer, on August 15.

The Giver (written by Lois Lowry) is about a young, 12 year old boy, Jonas (played in the movie by Brenton Thwaites) who is chosen to be the Receiver of Memories and learns about love, happiness, war, and also sadness from the Giver (played by Jeff Bridges) while living in a world full of Sameness. 

Alura Leet, who is a FHS student, tells us her opinion about The Giver movie:

“When I heard about The Giver becoming a movie, I was overly excited. Still am because it’s such a good book with so much to teach. They better not mess it up.”

This movie has been under construction for almost 15 years now and has many familiar Hollywood faces including Meryl Streep,  who is playing the Chief Elder, Alexander Skarsgardwho is Jonas’s Father, and Katie Holmes ,who is playing Jonas’s Mother.

Adding to the cast is Odeya Rush , who plays Fiona in the movie. Fiona is one of Jonas’s good friends and is different like Jonas is. Also, Emma Tremblay is playing Lily , who is Jonas’s little sister, in the movie.

Lastly in the The Giver movie is Taylor Swift. Swift is playing Rosemary who is the Giver’s daughter and was a past receiver of memories, just like what Jonas is in the book. Because Rosemary is barely in the book, Swift will barely be seen outside of flash backs, so technically she has a very small role in the film.

So get ready for The Giver, to come back out as a Hollywood Film (produced by Philip Noyce) on August 15th 2014!