Should You Be Excited for “The Flash”?

Carolyn Fenerty, Writer

DC will bring The Flash to the CW this fall, following the increasing popularity of superhero movies and TV shows over the last few years.

The trailer for the new small screen superhero adaptation, starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/the Flash, premiered during the season finale of Arrow, another DC hit on the CW. The Flash is a spin-off of Arrow.

Announcement of The Flash follows successful movie superhero franchises, the most profitable including new Batman movies and the Avengers franchise, as well as Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and plans for Agent Carter.

The Flash continues the trend of comic superheroes in pop culture, providing a young, sarcastic hero and an interesting story line that makes the new retelling look promising. DC’s newest show may hopefully mean the revival of other heroes, Wonder Woman being a perfect example as the iconic female hero who needs to be seen more on screen.

Superhero movies may seem clique at times, but iconic superheroes created many of the tropes we consider used by now, and can often deliver them in the reboots with a new twist, or can build upon their ideas in order to create new ideas. Battle scenes, death scenes, villain origin stories, and previously cheesy romances come to life in recent revivals in new and interesting ways, and The Flash seems to promise a mix of that along with the classic comic book ideas and stories that made the Flash so popular in the first place.

However,  as its own series, The Flash appears to capitalize on the elements that make the superhero genre so successful and promise a good show. The trailer shows the combination of a normal kid who gets the chance to live out his dreams of being a superhero and hero facing the reality of obligation and responsibility. It’s an old pattern, but one that works, and one that looks just as entertaining in the extended trailer (above) as it has in comic books and movies for years.

So I would say, yes, be very excited for The Flash this fall!