Coming to Theaters: Ouija

Kylee Hurley, Writer

“Ouija” is making a buzz in Franklin High School; and we aren’t talking about the game. Recently the trailer for the upcoming film was released in most movie theaters this past weekend, and many people going to see “The Fault in Our Stars” were there to see it. The movie is set to come out on Halloween of this year, but is not yet rated. Ouija boards have been around for centuries, and are now trademarked by Hasbro. The purpose of a Ouija board is to make contact with the dead by using a small heart shaped piece of wood to place on the board. The person using it is too place their hands upon the wooden piece and let the spirits guide it across different letters on the board to give the living information. Weather you are a skeptic of this or not, most people can agree that using a Ouija board can be quite creepy. The movie is supposed to be about a group of friends who discover a Ouija board that their deceased classmate had been using a lot before her death.¬†When things go wrong they have to keep playing the game in order to survive, unlike their friend. Among the cast are Olivia Cooke and Darren Kagasoff who are both playing the leads in this upcoming thriller. Olivia is most known for her role in A&E’s hit show, “Bates Motel” while Darren is well known for his lead role in the show “The Secret Life of an American Teenager” which aired on ABC Family for almost seven years. Students at Franklin High are excited for the upcoming thriller/horror movie, including freshman Amanda Sims. “I love watching horror movies, and this one seems even scarier than the last one I saw. I don’t want to wait that long, but it is awesome that the movie will be coming out around Halloween,” she stated in an interview with Pantherbook. Katy Smith¬†who is also a freshman at Franklin High will definitely be seeing this years most anticipated horror film. “When I saw the trailer I was excited to see a Ouija board being used in a movie, and this one actually looks pretty scary. I can’t wait to see it,” she exclaimed in the same interview. If you are looking for something frightening to see this fall “Oujia” is the movie to see.