Don’t ‘Let it Go’ Just Yet

Jessica Simms, Writer

The family favorite movie Frozen is striking back on ABC‘s show “Once Upon a Time this coming Fall.

Fans of this show have already witnessed Elsa appearing in the finale, but later this year, not only is she joining the cast, but so is Anna and Kristoff as well.  

Even though Idina Menzel, who played Elsa, and Kristen Bell, Anna, in the Disney movie of Frozen, have shown interest playing their roles again, the producers, Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are still auditioning new actors for the parts.

Alura Leet, FHS freshman, states her opinion about the new show:

“I’m not sure how I feel about Frozen being in “Once Upon a Time,” I think it happened too fast. I’m not upset about it, it’s going to be interesting.”

You should not be expecting a rerun of the Disney film, no matter who is casts as the characters said Horowitz.

“We’re not going to redo the movie, because we just don’t feel like it’s in anyone’s interest for us to redo it,” he said. “But what we are going to do, we’re not ready to tell you. But what we can say is we’re very aware of what we think makes this character from ‘Frozen’ so special and we want to honor that and make sure that what we do is in the universe of (what) everyone fell in love with this past year.”

If your a huge Frozen fan, then tune in to “Once Upon a Time” this coming fall to enjoy the beauties of the movie, Frozen.