“If I Stay”- The Drama of the Summer

Jessica Simms, Writer

Since The Fault in our Stars left theaters, If I Stay has been the movie all teenage girls have been going to see.

Based on the best selling novel written by Gayle Forman, If I Stay shows how Mia (Chloë Grace Moretz) has to deal with the stress of seeing herself and her family being critically injured after a terrible car accident. Mia also has to deal seeing her best friend, Kim (Liana Liberato) and boyfriend, Adam Wilde (Jamie Blackley) deal with her being in a coma.

Throughout the movie, viewers see flashbacks of Mia’s past from as far back as seeing her father (Joshua Leonard)  being a rocker in a band, her mother (Mireille Enos) being as inexperienced as ever, and her childhood with her little brother Teddy (Jakob Davies). Viewers also see Mia, who is a cello player, go through her audition for Juilliard and her adorable relationship with Adam, who is a guitarist and singer in a pretty successful band.

Although this movie had incredible acting (according to many movie reviews), the If I Stay book lovers feel as if the movie focuses too much on love and sacrifice and not enough on family and sacrifice.

Even though the book and movie both are composed of flashbacks and Mia’s time in the hospital, readers of the novel feel as if the movie does not connect enough with Mia’s family and their past.

However, the movie did cause lots of crying for Mia’s family, her relationship with Adam, and her life after the hospital. But also it caused some laughs at the funny scenes and some personal connections with some of Mia’s experiences in life.

Devyn Forcina, freshman, tells us her opinion of the If I Stay movie:

If I Stay has a really interesting storyline- a girl caught between life and death, and deciding which side she wants to be on. While Chloë Grace Moretz could’ve done a better job at some defining parts, she still conveys the character very well and you will definitely tear up during the film!”

The ending to If I Stay is one the leaves you hanging and makes you believe there is a sequel and Forman has a sequel to her book! It is called Where She Went which is in Adam’s perspective of everything that happened with Mia, his life 3 years in the future, and his quest to figure out what happened with Mia and where she went.

If you are an If I Stay fan read the sequel if you already have not and get ready for the movie sequel because directors have been thinking and planning for it to happen.