“Hollywood Nights” Takes “Lovefest’s” Place

Abigail Weinberg, Editor

Say goodbye to Lovefest and hello to Hollywood Nights, a collection of skits to be performed by FHS theatre students on April 8 and 9.

The traditional Lovefest, an annual skit-based production, was scrapped this year due to a number of reasons, ranging from snow days to administration’s desire for a more serious play.

Theatre intended to put on a production of Mae West’s The Drag in lieu of Lovefest, but the number of snow days and the lack of after school rehearsal caused them to run out of time. “We tried something new and it was not successful,” said Mrs. Waters, Franklin High’s theatre teacher.

Instead, The Drag will be included as a short skit in Hollywood Nights. Alyssa Malcolm, a senior in Theatre III and host of Hollywood Nights, expressed her excitement about performing it because it will be theatre’s last performance this school year.

“I think Hollywood Nights will make up for the loss of Lovefest,” said Malcolm.

Waters said she wants to go back to Lovefest next year. However, according to Waters, “What I find really quite exciting is the immense, huge support of the arts at Franklin High.” She praised the music, visual arts, and theatre departments and claimed that there was likely to be as much activity in the theatre as in the gymnasium.

In addition to Hollywood Nights, Waters said that Theatre II is working on a production of George Orwell’s 1984, and the FAA is helping with a performance of Removing the Glove by Clarence Coo.

Theatre’s several new projects, in addition to Oskey and Dramafest, represent just one aspect of the continuing success of Franklin High’s arts department.