FHS Music Groups

Henry Atwell, Writer

FHS Music Groups

gNcB0mYX      <– Phantom

Music groups from Franklin High range from Rap groups to Acapella Groups to Blues Bands.

Phantom, one of Franklin High’s newest bands, is comprised of Sophomore Tyler Zajac (Drums/Vocals), Junior Dominic Salzillo, and Senior John Salzillo.

Their music can be heard on the morning news as well as after school at Music Production Club. They also have a Soundcloud page and perform at all of the open mic nights.

The now defunct FNT was a band formed in early 2012 by Austin Brown (Guitar), John Brown (Drums), and Henry Atwell (Bass) as well as a Vocalist from Newton North High School. The band won many contests and played shows at places like, the Hard Rock in Boston, and The Middle East in Cambridge. The band disbanded in the Spring of 2015.

Rapper, Identity Crisis (aka Cris Saparoff), is a Franklin Rapper who has opened for Chris Rivers, King Los, and others. You can check out his twitter @ICtheRapper and his video “Stackin’ it up” on Youtube.