Undercover Artist: Jacob Houghton

Riley Halliday

Meet Jacob Houghton, FHS senior, graphic designer, and Pantherbook’s first featured undercover artist. Houghton’s interest in graphic design began once his high school career started.

“I’ve been drawing my whole life and I decided to make it digital” Houghton says.

His interest in graphic design was no surprise; “art is something I’ve been brought up to do, my family has been doing it and I carried on the tradition” says Houghton.

Houghton will continue designing in college, planning on majoring in Game Design at Becker’s Worcester campus. In the future he aspires to create concept art for movies. Keep your eye out in the future for Houghton’s signature designs.

In terms of current artists, Jacob admits he’s not really influenced by anyone- not shocking considering his original style.

Houghton decided to showcase three of his pieces, including a work in progress of Bob Marley. Check it out for yourself!