Beach Day Anyone?

Jessica Simms, Writer

Which beach do you want to go to this summer?


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With the school year coming to a close, you may be wondering how to spend the next eight weeks of your life and a beach day may be a great way to spend one of those days. New England is an area of the United States that is full of nice beaches to spend a day full of tanning, swimming, and overall fun. However, you may wonder which beach you should choose to go to and so here are some nice beaches in the New England area that could be the beach you choose to go to.

According to Wikia, the top five beaches in New England are: Horseneck Beach, Katama Beach, West Island Town Beach, First Beach, and Second Beach and all beaches in Middletown, RI. Here are some information about all of these beaches to help you decide which beach you want to spend time at during this summer.

  • Horseneck Beach is located in Westport, MA. It is one of the the largest beaches of Massachusetts. It could also have the warmest water during the middle of the summer out of all of the beaches in Massachusetts. It has mild waves that allows for you to body surf and swim throughout the day. However, this beach does not have any stores to allow for you to shop for a little, but it is a very popular beach, especially during the summer.
  • Katama Beach is located in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard. This will be a great beach if you are willing to drive a little farther than some of the other beaches in MA. This beach is beautiful, but the waves may be a little strong because this beach is located on the Atlantic side. This makes this beach popular for body surfing! When it does get busy, you are in luck because it is a very wide beach, so you will still have some space to spread out.
  • West Island Town Beach is located in Fairhaven, MA. This beach is very well known and very popular. Unlike some of the other beaches, the waters of this beach are calm, so swimming is great. You can swim basically anytime, but supposedly swimming is the best at high tide. You can get to this beach by car or by boat too. There is a lot to do at this beach, like taking a walk in the nature to see birds in the back of the island where the beach is located.
  • First Beach is located in Newport, RI. This would be a bit of a drive to get to, but this beach is very close to downtown Newport, so it would be just a walk to get to the many shops Newport has to offer. Honestly, this beach has so much to do, so you’ll never get bored. It gets very busy during the summer, so get there early so you’ll have a place on the sand.
  • Second Beach and beaches of Middletown, RI: Like the beach in Newport, this would be a bit of a drive to get to, but all of these beaches are very nice. The drive to get there is beautiful too, so it wouldn’t be too bad to get to these beaches. Supposedly it is a scenic drive to get to these beaches. You can swim, take a nature walk, and even surf. Once you’ve had enough of the beach activities, you can get to Newport easily to get ice cream or dinner.

These are not the only great beaches in the New England area. There are a lot more beaches out there around the Cape Cod area and even some great ones closer to home. There are a lot of beaches to go out and have a fun day at. So this summer, go have a nice, fun beach day!