Dancing With The Stars: 23rd Debut

Hailey Ringer, Writer

Will the entree of new stars and the return of professionals set the scene for a new, record breaking season? The first episode of the new season of  “Dancing with the Stars” premiered on September 12, 2016 in LA. New stars like Jana Kramer, Vanilla Ice, Laurie Hernandez, Jake T. Austin, and many more appeared on this 23rd debut.

The night was going well until an incident entailing one of the stars: Ryan Lochte occurred. As the olympic gold medalist was swimming in Rio, he lied about a robbery that had him held at gunpoint. Although Lochte fessed up and told the truth, he continues to get hate for his big mistake.

During the opening night of DWTS, protesters against Ryan Lochte ran out and started to holler and push negativity upon everyone. All of the show’s community was successful at getting rid of them.

Franklin High School (FHS)Freshman, Jami Pandiscio, gave her view on the first night, new cast, and the overall upcoming season. Opposing some other people’s strong opinions, Pandiscio has her eye on Lochte and Cheryl Burke and is rooting for them to win it all. Jami thinks that Ryan Lochte deserves another chance to prove himself.

FHS Freshman Hanna Richardson has a different view on the first night and shared her hopes for the remainder of the season. Richardson hopes for Laurie Hernandez  and Val Chmerkovskiy to win the trophy. She enjoys the gymnast aspect to her and likes that Laurie is showing another hobby of hers that she is talented at.

Overall, both Richardson and Pandiscio believe that the stars will not do anything major after the season is over that has to do with dancing. They think that they will continue their original careers and might possibly do some little things on the side.

Minus some downfalls of the opening night, both girls enjoyed the season premiere and think it will be the start to an interesting season.