Welcome to the FAAmily


Riley Halliday, FAA Reporter

Franklin High’s FAA welcomed six new representatives this year. Dan Schratz, Shannon Pinkham, and Sarah Goodermuth represent the junior class while Brenna Orf, Cristina Lucchini, and Jillian Jones represent the sophomore class.

The FAA now totals at 127 students across the three eligible years. The arts academy just wrapped up their first round of tagging, better known as spotlighting. Catch the FAA again in April for another chance to donate.

Want a reward for your donation? The FAA students will selling candy in the next couple weeks, starting next Friday and continuing until Halloween, but that’s not all. FAA will be selling hand designed Tshirts by Claire Noonan, as well as calendars showcasing FAA student’s artwork and photography.

President of FAA, Maddie Dieterle, says she and the FAA officers have been brainstorming exciting ideas and events for the year including the annual field trip . “I’m excited for what’s to come this year, we have a lot to do, but it will pay off” Dieterle says.

The Junior FAA combined arts class have been brainstorming set and costume ideas for the two plays to be put on in December, The Giver and Gathering Blue. With refined designs from the FAA and well-rehearsed acting from Drama Club, the two plays are sure to be a hit.

Make sure to take some time to check out the art wing on your way to class. The cases are constantly being refilled with new work from FAA classes, as well as work from numerous art classes throughout the school.

For all Freshman considering joining the FAA, ask a rep what it’s all about! Many FAA students can be found at school events including Open Mic Nights, Cabaret, the school musical, and Drama Club. Take the opportunity to go to these events and be sure to check out the two annual capstones put on in February and April. All support is appreciated!