Local Loveliness

Local Loveliness

Catherine Middelmann, Writer

With some beads and silver, Lisa Grieci, owner of Silver Tree Jewelry, can create beautiful pieces, right here in [downtown] Franklin!

There’s a wide variety of jewelry made at Silver Tree Jewelry. There are bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, toe rings, anklets, and even medical ID bracelets. Greici also makes a bracelet just for FHS!

Lisa Grieci has been in the business since 2001, when she opened up her store, The Strawberry Patch. Grieci left the business for a year, but came back, opening a store with a new name and location.

Silver Tree Jewelry was opened in February of 2016, and is located at 58 East Central Street (near the Simon’s Furniture store).

Greici isn’t someone to skimp on quality. When making bracelets with sterling silver, she threads memory wire through it so it doesn’t break. She uses both manufactured and handmade beads as well as Swarovski crystal (Austrian crystals).

A name change was necessary because people kept confusing the store The Strawberry Patch with an actual strawberry patch. When asked where the name Silver Tree comes from, Grieci said: ¨I knew I worked with sterling [silver] 99% if the time.¨

The tree part of the store’s name is because Grieci finds trees to be very peaceful, not to mention that she also has a silver tree in her shop.

The shop was opened in Franklin because Grieci likes Franklin and the people in it. Not to mention that her children grew up here.

Grieci does a lot for the community. Currently, if you look in hair salons and other places around town, there is a free raffle going around for breast cancer awareness month. Winner(s) pulled will receive a free breast cancer awareness bracelet.

It is not uncommon for Grieci to make bracelets for certain causes or people. Windows of hope, Mass hospital school, and ALS are all causes she has made bracelets for.

Patricia Middelmann, a fan of Silver Tree jewelry, said: “I love to support local businesses!” Grieci works very hard in what she does, which shows in her pieces.

Grieci will either make the bracelets for the organization and sell them at a cheaper price, or she will write a check for the cause/organization after selling bracelets in her store.

Stop on by!