The Saint Pablo Tour Rises Above Others (Literally)

Sean Buckley, Writer

Kanye West’s “Saint Pablo Tour”, named after his son Saint, kicked off on August 25 in Indianapolis, Indiana. An opening act was rumored, but the spotlight was on West the whole night.

West started the night with performing “Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1” and then moved directly to “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2” just like his most recent album The Life of Pablo does. West performed crowd favorites such as “Stronger”, “Touch the Sky”, “Power”, “Gold Digger”, and ended with “Ultralight Beam”.

“My favorite part of the concert was probably when West played Blood on the Leaves. The song has a great bass track that sounded incredibly powerful when it kicked in. There were so many speakers and subwoofers in the stadium that when the bass came in, you could really feel it. It was like a wind or whatever, and it really shook the whole venue,” Franklin High School senior, Sean McNeil stated when describing his favorite moment of the night.

West performed on a stage that hung from the ceiling, just fifteen feet above the crowd. The stage moved around the arena the whole night, allowing everyone to have a great view. The tour concept took about a decade to come together. People swarmed from all over New England to attend the concert in Boston.

I went because I liked West and I wanted to see him rant on stage. Plus, it wasn’t as expensive as I’d thought. Now, if (when) he becomes President in 2020, I can tell people: ‘I saw the President sing Gold Digger’,” McNeil said when explaining why he attended the concert.

Several pop up shops around the world were opened by West which sold clothes in the theme of The Life of Pablo. Each city got their own unique color of shirts with different popular song lyrics from the album displayed on each one.

The tour is about four months long with the last performance being on December 22. Only U.S. and Canadian locations are included in the tour. West held his performance in Boston at the TD Garden.

The tour has not ended yet, but tickets are selling fast and can be purchased here.