Re-Capping Capstone

On Tuesday, January 24, FAA 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students put on their annual capstone in the library. Those who attended were introduced to a wide selection of art, from music to fashion design, FAA brought its all this year.


FAA decided to switch things up this year, rather than having their annual event in the art hallway, black box, and art rooms, they combined it all into the library.


Senior FAA student, Parker Halliday says she likes how, “it felt like we were in a museum, where people we able to walk around and see all the different types of art”.

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This year, FAA stepped up the game with an interactive fundraiser. For $5 students drew caricatures, cartoons, and sci-fi drawings of you and your friends. The fundraiser was topped off with a vintage t-shirt sale of the FAA t-shirt designs of the past.
Thank you to all the FAA members who participated, as well as the FHS students and staff for their support. Some of the art shown at capstone are currently displayed in the art wing, check them out on your way to class. In case you weren’t one of the lucky attendees, here’s what you missed: