Children of Edan

Catherine Middelmann

The Theatre Institute’s production of Children of Eden will be at Franklin High School Friday, June 22 at 7 pm, and Saturday, June 23 at both 1 pm and 7 pm. Tickets will be sold at the door; 10 dollars for students, and 12 dollars for adults.

The musical, Children of Eden, follows the journey of Adam and Eve from Eden to the Wasteland; in the second act, the plot focuses on Noah and his family as they toil with love, expectations, and rebirth.

While the show’s characters derive from Bible stories, director Heather Ustler-Smith emphasizes “the way Schwartz tells this story, we are reminded that these themes are timeless, and transcend any one faith. At its core, this is a play about family, about the struggles of parents and children, and the hope that we place in the future.” Essentially, people from any and all religious backgrounds are invited to enjoy what is sure to be an amazing performance.

The cast of this production features students from elementary school, all the way through college. The Broad-Y Academy produces shows for students ages 7-14, while the Theatre Institute puts on two shows and also has a class for high school students every fall.

Many students from the Broad-Y Academy join the Theatre Institute once they enter their high school years, and high school graduates come back to join the Theatre Institute’s spring production. The direct collaboration between the two different groups creates a large and exciting cast.

Any person interested in what either the Broad-Y Academy or the Theatre Institute, see the link here. Either company will be happy to have you!